Snohomish County, in partnership with many stakeholders, is planning for the arrival of light rail in the mid-2030s. This is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to leverage major transit investments to benefit the surrounding communities. We want to engage with the people who live, work, do business or own property in these areas to consider what light rail could mean to their community and to plan for the future.

The county’s intentions are to leverage the future of light rail in a way that provides added benefits to the community and makes light rail safely, conveniently and efficiently accessible.

Public Engagement

June/July 2018 – Introducing the Project

We introduced our planning project to residents and stakeholders and asked for input to understand community needs and priorities.

Results from this online open house are available.

While reviewing public comments we used the project’s guiding principles to help identify potential options.

October/November 2018 – Station Locations

We presented three potential station location options for each station area along with the pros and cons of each based on the project criteria: geometric constraints, accessibility to Swift bus rapid transit (BRT), connections for bikes and pedestrians, and opportunities for transit-oriented development.

The results from this online open house are available.

Now – July 2019

We further narrowed down the three potential station locations for each station area to two based on qualitative and quantitative analysis.

The same information from this online open house will be presented at two in-person open houses:

  • July 18 from 5-7 p.m. at Mariner High School, 200 120th St SW, Everett, WA 98204
  • July 25 from 5-7 p.m. at Oak Heights Elementary, 15500 18th Ave W, Lynnwood, WA 98087

Next Steps

Snohomish County will be advancing one or more location options for each station area to be incorporated into the Light Rail Community Project’s Subarea Plan and future transportation planning processes. Sound Transit will begin their public outreach and project development process in 2020 and the Sound Transit Board of Directors has the final decision on the actual station locations and track alignment. These efforts will be integrated into the county’s Growth Management Act Comprehensive Plan (GMACP) and regional planning efforts in the coming years.

Project Timeline

Project timeline of Snohomish County and Sound Transit’s work
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Project Principles

Guiding principles have been established to shape this project:

  • Preserve neighborhood character
  • Create a walkable environment
  • Cultivate economic development
  • Promote sustainability
  • Support affordable housing
  • Strive for social equity
  • Maintain healthy communities

The project consists of the following components:

Station Area Planning – Now

Conceptual plans for the Mariner Station and Ash Way Station areas will include:

  • Potential station locations
  • Transit, vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle connections
  • Public open spaces
  • Station area parking

Subarea Plan – Mid 2019

A subarea plan will focus on:

  • Land use, zoning, regulations
  • Broader transportation connections
  • Housing
  • Park, public service and utility needs
  • Economic development

Station area planning does not include the design of the station itself, construction, mitigation, operation or maintenance of light rail; those are the responsibility of Sound Transit. Final decisions on the actual station location and alignment will be made by Sound Transit.